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Leadership is:

The 10 Business Commandments

(here’s the first 3) by Norm Brodsky 1-      Numbers run the business. If you don’t know howto read them, you are flying...
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Revisiting SWOT

some observations This time-honored management approach remains a valuable tool in your strategic planning kit.  To refresh, the acronym stands for...
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Strategy to maintain

a “state for success” Here are 7 steps to achieve: 1-How do you want to feel about your life? (must be great or repeat...
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You’ve heard of “line item veto,” right?

How about “line item accountability”? Try assigning responsibility to your team by line items. Responsibility to watch, report,...
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    Business Planning Strategies and Executive Coaching

    Balzer Companies focus is on strategic business development that will impact the top line growth of privately held companies in the mid-range market. In general, this spans $1 million to $100 million with the “sweet spot” being in the $10 million to $40 million range. My customer is a CEO / Owner / President who wants to take his/ her company to the next level of growth.

    These leaders are either concerned or very frustrated because they can’t seem to get their businesses to where they want them to be.  Doing that usually requires a new and focused strategy and business plan that recognizes growth depends largely on internal changes that will take advantage of an available market. There are two key elements that impact successful and consistent growth that most leaders are not aware of:

    1)   Chet Homes, Author, notes the following:

    • 95% of all companies will never reach $1million in revenue
    • .08% will never get beyond $5million
    • .015% will never get beyond $10million
    • Very, very few get to $100million, let alone $1billion

    The difference is “SKILLS SHIFTING” at the different levels.  In other words, what gets a
    business to certain level of revenue, most likely will not get that business to the next
    level without considered and impactful change that recognizes the older ways must be
    improved or changed.
    2)  Verne Harnish, Author and Founder of Gazelles International writes that:
    Significant growth does not require a relative change in the organization.  It brings
    EXPONENTIAL  and very predictable complexity that must be addressed well before the
    need becomes apparent.   A 20% growth rate may increase the complexity of needs by
    by 4 to 6 times!  Three key areas are dramatically affected and will require change.

    • Systems and procedures
    • The management team
    • Marketing dynamics

    To address these two issues, it is important to first create an overall strategic plan that first recognizes the profound changes that are needed to achieve growth, and second is structured to be flexible enough to be updated consistently and can be changed when needed.  The business and financial plans evolve with a focus on fulfilling the strategic plan.   Basically, the development of the business is the focus on implementing the strategic plan and making those difficult changes that are needed.

    The specific services that I provide are all tied into helping the business leader achieve the next level of success.   It is a planning and implementation process that starts with strategy.   The services include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Strategic planning
    • Executive coaching
    • Facilitation
    • Mentoring and advising/consulting
    • Comprehensive assessments
    • Sales force evaluation and development
    • Team building

    To support that effort, I am a certified strategic planner, coach and facilitator.   I am also a behavioral consultant as well as a sales force development consultant. My resources and training are directly tied to the following affiliations and associations:

    Strategic Planning/Coaching/Consulting/Assessments—

    Gazelles International
    – Strategic planning and coaching
    – Consulting

    The Alternative Board (TAB)
    – CEO peer advisory boards facilitation
    – Strategic planning and coaching

    The Objective Management Group (OMG)
    – Sales force evaluations and assessments
    – Consulting

    Birkman International
    – Behavorial assessments
    – Team training
    – Consulting